• Arte plasticas antonio rosillo

Toño Rosillo belongs to a large tradition of “Santeros” or “Retableros” that since the XVIII century used to provide the fraternity members, religious brotherhoods, butlers or merchandisers with religious paintings and sheets.
The small devotional boards, generally painted in metal or copper sheets, were demanded by the faithful ones to worship their preferred saints.

However, it is important to say that Toño’s technique is not the traditional one over metal or copper sheets; instead he generally works over wooden canvases. He cuts chromes and lithographs with the images of saints of the past centuries; from time to time he uses reproductions of famous canvases, commercial announcements and posters as a simple starting point to then allow his imagination and sensibility to flow.

His technique is mainly Collage, but this is not a simple-minded art: the composition, and distribution of the various and diverse elements are deeply studied, repainted and enriched with bright colors and objects. Rosillo never forgets a detail, which turns his work into an authentic goldsmith that collects pearls, coins, door keys, scapulars, badges, buttons, lace patches or parts of musical instruments, transforming in this way the original simple chrome into a world full of emotions and faith, and provokes a rupture that obliges the viewer to modify his rutinary vision of the religious art and to bring back the fertile symbolism within it, which makes out of Toño an original and contemporary artist.